2MP Network IP Camera with Facial Recognition For Payment Verification on POS Device

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Smart Function

· Built-in face recognition algorithm, which provides fast verification and real-time data transmission, easy management of massive traffic data, and intelligent warning of unauthorized intrusion.

· Each face has a unique identifier.

· Ultra-wide dynamic, supporting face matching under backlight, supporting multi-pose faces, efficient algorithm for fast matching and fast paying;

· White light compensation, full color snapshot at night, higher recognition rate;

· 3.5-inch LED high-definition display, showing real-time video streams;

· Face recognition time is less than 1 s.

· The application scenario of face is optimized, which is suitable for the detection, feature extraction and recognition of face algorithm.

· Support facial exposure function, wide dynamic range up to 120 dB, suitable for monitoring in backlight environment;

· Supporting Face Detection with 30*30-300*300 Pixels or more.

· Supports the uploading of face images and original images, and the encoding quality of face images can be adjusted.

· Supports the management of up to 3 face databases and a total of 22400 face databases.

· The maximum storage space of the total face database is 16GB, and the single face supports 150*150-960*960 pixel interval.

· Support blacklist alignment for successful alarm output;

· Face database is managed by management software, which is simple to use and easy to install.

General Function

· The highest resolution can reach 2 million pixels (1920 x 1080), and under this resolution can output 30 FPS real-time image, the image is smoother.

· Scanning CMOS line by line to capture motion image without jagged teeth

· Using the latest standard H.265 video compression technology, high compression ratio, accurate and stable bit stream control.

· Built-in automatic day and night double filter switching mechanism, with manual or automatic color to black and other switching modes

· Support digital wide dynamic, 3D digital noise reduction function

· With a variety of white balance modes, suitable for various scenarios

· Built-in Web Server, supports setting parameter configuration, adding management list, equipment upgrade, user rights management through IE, etc.

· Supporting Onvif Protocol and National Standard GB2818

· Supporting lightning, surge and static protection levels

· Supporting DC 12V power supply;

Applicable scenario

·Payment Verification By Face Recognition

Technical Specifications:

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