Dobot Industrial Robotic Arm Desktop Robot V2.0

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DOBOT V2 001.jpg

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  • 1.Wisdom in shapes & colors: Black & white body with consistent quality at fingertips.Unibody design, unbox and enjoy right away.Designed for desktop, safe and easily lifted
  • 2.Most user-friendly robotic arm.Thoughtful details integrated in simple design.
    • a.Multiple controlling method, enjoy anytime. PC, phone, gesture, voice, even brainwave can be used to control Dobot Magician.
    • b.Handhold teaching, repeat your tasks with just a click.The handhold teaching feature lets you control a robotic arm without any limits. The most intuitive interaction bringing the best of your efficiency.
    • c.End tool quick switch, it’s never been so smooth.With the standardized plug-in style end tool holder, you can switch end tools by simply screwing.
    • d.Dobot Magician’s controlling software.DobotStudio has integrated so many features, while making it easier to control a robotic arm. Dobot Studio also has a whole set of parameters for you to customize. You can calibrate your own robotic arm without any coding!
  • 3.Draw like magic:Dobot Magician supports BMP, SVG and DXF.±0.2mm precision, laying perfect strokes. Laser engraving, works on leather and wood
  • 4.Develop, and be ahead.Endless potential, fast deployment. Be ahead of the game.
  • 5.Future lifestyle. One robot, many extensions, a highly cost effective solution.Enhanced human-machine cooperation, bringing efficiency to daily life. Technology influencing education in most entertaining ways.Living rooms, classrooms, workshops, factories…the future life is right ahead.
    • a.Classroom:Mechanics, Electronics, Programming, Design… Knowledge empowers your life!
    • b.Home:Smart, fun and reliable!
    • c.Workshop:User friendly, easy to learn, bringing more efficiency.
    • d.Factory:Fast to equip, easy to maintain, a high cost effective solution for production line.

DOBOT V2 Rich Port.jpg DOBOT V2 SDK API.jpg


DOBOT V2 Specification.jpg

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Shipping List

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