Acrylic Turtle 2WD Mobile Video Robot powered by pcDuino2

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The new robot with acrylic frame and video surveillance, it uses pcDuino V2 as control board.

File:PcDuino V2 acrylic robot 1.jpg

PcDuino V2 acrylic robot list.jpg

Package List

  • 1 × Motor Shield[SHD_MOTOR][101101014][SHD_MOTOR][101101014]

Assembly Instruction

Assembly Instruction

Firmware of pcDuino2

Write kernel v2 1.jpg

    • Insert the SD card to pcDuino2 and power on. You will find the Tx LED on pcDuino2 blink. Wait a moment , the Tx LED will stop blink, this indicates that the kernel is write to pcDuino2, power off pcDuino2 and take out the SD card.

Write kernel v2 2.jpg

  • Write Firmware:
    • Format the last step's SD card, copy the image to the SD card.

Write firmware v2.jpg

    • Connect pcDuino2 with HDMI screen and power on it, when you see:
 searching from usb disk
 searching from sdcard

Insert the SD card to pcDuino2, you will see:

 it will take about 10 minutes to finish…

Then wait servel minutes, the screen will remind you update finished.

Install pcDuino2 On The Robot

Install v2 1.jpg

Install v2 2.jpg

  • Add Motor Shield on pcDuino2, put batterys in ,connect the Motors' control and power wires. Plug the USB of mini webcam to pcDuino2. Here we powered on pcDuino2 with 5V/2A mobile power supply:

Add motor.jpg

  • Wait the Rx and Tx LEDs on pcDuino2 light up, this indicates that pcDuino2 is set up. Open WLAN of your Android cellphone, you will find a net named "carwifi", join it, the password is "12345678".

App of Android

  • Install the WiFiRobot.apk on your Android cellphone and open it. Click your cellphone's menu key, you will see the following picture:

Apk 1.jpg

  • Click "Setting" , set IP as the following picture:

Apk 2.jpg

  • Click "save" to save the settings. Then click "START", you will see "socket link success" and "video link success", your cellphone display the monitor screen before the mini webcam.

Apk 3.jpg

  • Now you can control your robot with Fore, Back, Left, Right button on the lower right corner.

You may find the robot's action is not right as the suppose, this is because the Motors' control wires are not at right position, you can exchange them.