PetKollar Smart Pet Collar Smart Dog Chain Intelligent Pet Pendant: Blue

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Petkollar is a smart pet collar, it gathers data and performs physiological index analysis for the whole day, helping us understand our pets on a previously unreachable level.

You can get more information from the video Petkollar.


1. Activity Tracker:Steps, Calories.

Petkollar tracks all your pets' activities continuously. After syncing, you can view a daily accumulation of steps and calories.


Duration of sleep, light/deep sleep Petkollar also can provide time slept and amount of deep sleep.


Health and mood A report of health and mood index will be shown after cloud big data analysis, you can understand whether your pets' habits is a scientific way.


Pushing message automatically when Petkollar fails to find bluetooth signal, so as to remind you to look for your pet in time.

5.Cloud Sync

Even on a business trip, two smartphones log in using the same account, you can still check the latest update of pets.

6.Long Battery Life

"NORDIC MCU" This chip is an ultra-low power 2.4 GHz wireless System SoC integrating the nRF51 series 2.4 GHz transceiver, a 32 bit ARM® CortexTM-M0 CPU. It can support Bluetooth low energy. "ST MEMS motion sensor "Ultra low-power high performance 3-axes accelerometer. "Button Battery CR2032" The working time of Petkollar can reach at least 4 to 6 months by using the included 230mAh CR2032. This is a design where there is no way to change battery. After the battery is used up, please get a new PetKollar.


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