TL-WR703N Clone With OPENWRT, USB Camera Support, TTL UART

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This is a TL-WR703N Clone. It is pre-flashed with OPENWRT, which has USB camera support. Morevoer, the TTL UART is connected to headers, so it can be interfaced to Arduino to control robot.

Clone openwrt.jpg


  • 1. The functions of different ports and how to wire:

The USB host is connected to USB camera to capture the live video. The mini USB is used to power up the module. It's recommended to use power supply rated at 5V, 1A.

The RJ45 Ethernet port is flexible. It's default to be LAN port. User can browse to through LAN port to configure the module. User can also confgure the Ethernet port to be WAN port.

  • 2. Why the serial port has no output?

The serial port is shown below.

Clone serial.jpg

All socket data to port 2000 will be transparently move to the TTL UART.



  • hi, does this have wifi integrated onboard? Does it need external antenna?
    • Yes. The board has wifi on the board, and it has pcb antenna.
  • Can you use the serial port as virtual com port to a windows machine?
  • How would you see the video from usb web cam?
    • The module will show up as an WiFi AP. Please connect your PC to the AP, and use firefox or Chrome, the URL is to see the video. Please don't use IE as it's NOT supported.