2.4GHz 2-IN-1 Wireless Air Mouse+Keyboard for pcDuino

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2.4GHz wireless Fly Air Mouse Keyboard for pcDuino. It works for both Lbuntu Linux and Android operation system. When you press the little Android button, it will activate the air mouse, can when you move the keyboard, you will see mouse cursor moves around!



  • Type:Wireless 2.4GHz
  • Package:Yes
  • Air mouse:keyboard mouse
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse:keyboard and mouse
  • Mouse and keyboard:tablet pc wireless keyboard mouse
  • Latest keyboard and mouse:air mouse keyboard
  • Wireless keyboard mouse:keyboard and mouse brand
  • Android air mouse:air mouse remote control

Usage Description

The life for the all buttons of air mouse rc11 is more than 1.5 million times,thees buttons can save energy and protect environment too. When the mouse stays more than 2 minutes without working,RC11 will go into hibernation itself.the air mouse RC11 use 2.4GHZ wireless transmission technology.the superior gaming experience,smooth operation experience brings more surprise to you.

The convenience of the air mouse RC11 is also reflected that it can be used for the devices,also can be used for computer immediately when you plug it on,but without installing any drivers,its date transmission uses 2.4G wireless transmission and the transmission distance can up to 30m.whether in the living room or in the office,you can use this remote control to input and browser.you can perform these two functions very well together. in the field of family entertainment,tv and the internet combined more and more closely.the triple-play internet applications ahve been entering the ordinary families.lying on the safa,handing the RC11,you can control the MEASY media player,HTPC,smart tv and computer easily in the air at home.you can share the large tv as computer screen at home.watching HD movies,searching videos and browsing websites.

How to buy

Here to buy 2.4GHz 2-IN-1 Wireless Air Mouse+Keyboard for pcDuino on store