27-Channel PWM Servo Shield

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27-channel PWM servo Shield


This is a 27-channel PWM shield that adds 27 independent PWM servo channels to Arduino or pcDuino.

Pwm32 1.jpg


There is a jumper labeled P1 on the shield. If the jumper P1 is installed, the Vin of Arduino/pcDuino will be connected to the external power supply Vin+ of the PWM shield. So please remove the jumper P1 when use it on pcDuino, as the Vin of pcDuino cannot exceed 5V.

Pwm32 2.jpg


  • Number of Channels: 27
  • Driving frequency: Adjustable, default 50Hz (a period of 20ms)
  • Communication Interface: SPI
  • Precision: 5us by default driving frequency 50Hz
  • Optional External power supply: 6~24V



The PWM channels are labeled on the shield as below:

Pwm32 3.jpg

Pwm32 4.jpg


How to buy

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