2MP CSI Camera for pcDuino3

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pcDuino3 has a CSI camera interface. This is a CSI camera with 2M pixel. When we install it, please point the camear outside toward the pcDuino3 board.

GC2035 is a high quality 2Mega CMOS image sensor, for mobile phone camera applications and digital camera products. GC2035 incorporates a 1616V x 1232H pixel array, on-chip 10-bit ADC, and image signal processor. The on-chip ISP provides a very smooth AE (Auto Exposure) and accurate AWB (Auto White Balance) control. It provides various data formats, such as Bayer RGB, RGB565, YCbCr 4:2:2. It has a commonly used two-wire seriainterface for host to control the operation of the whole sensor.

CSI 2MP camera.jpg


2014-07-23 18.36.15.jpg

Capture Image on pcDuino3:

2014-07-23 18.36.23.jpg