2MP Fish Eye Shelf Camera With JPEG Output for Smart Shelf Application

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It is a special 2-megapixel fish eye panoramic high-definition network camera for refrigerators. With unique fisheye lens design, the horizontal and vertical visual angles are 180 degrees panoramic picture monitoring, through the camera internal hardware technology and video correction algorithm technology, the perfect realization of distortion-free panoramic image output. With defrosting and defogging function, it can be combined with object recognition technology and used in refrigerator vending machines.

Fisheye camera.PNG

Fisheye camera-1.PNG

Fisheye camera-2.PNG

Fisheye camera-3.JPG

Fisheye camera-4.JPG

General Features

1. Object recognition

2. Defrosting and defogging function

Technical Specifications

Fisheye camera-5.PNG

Applicable Scenario

Unmanned Retail + Intelligent Retail: Refrigerator vending machine


How to buy it?

[How to use it?]