7.0”Flat Plate Facial Recognition Terminal for the Speed Gate

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7.0” Flat Plate Facial Recognition Terminal is for auto access control entrances to control Tripod Turnstiles, Swing Turnstiles,Wing Turnstiles, Revolving doors, Sliding Turnstiles,One-arm Turnstile, Optical barrier-free Turnstiles and any other auto entrances.The machine is designed with flat shape,without keyboard but better user experience.It can install on any kinds of turnstiles directly such as Swing Turnstiles,Wing Turnstiles,Sliding Turnstiles and so on.It can also mount on the wall to control the door or gate. By combination of the real-time 3D face recognition technology with access turnstiles,with high throughput,lightning speed and large capacity storage features,it achieves accurate personnel control and highly access control security ,avoiding card skimming or card substitute problems,simultaneously, hands-free and contactless acquisition can give the users convenient experience.Besides, we will offer the SDK for the software secondary development, making it easier for partners who are professional in access control system and app design

FRG1-3288 full.png

FRG1-3288 45D.png

FRG1-3288 back.png

FRG1-3288 bottom.png

FRG1-3288 left.png

FRG1-3288 right.png

FRG1-3288 top.png


7.0” Flat Plate Facial Recognition Terminal 12.PNG

7.0” Flat Plate Facial Recognition Terminal 13.PNG

Installation Diagram

Bitmap of wall hanging rack hole.png

Installation diagram 2.png

Installation diagram1.png

Tablet layout1.png

Tablet layout2.png

Optional Accessories

7.0” Flat Plate Facial Recognition Terminal 14.PNG


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