Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Shield for Arduino

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Arduino BLE Shiled is an Arduino shield which uses ZBmodule Bluetooth 4.0 module (using TICC2541 chip) . In the SIG release of Bluetooth 4.0 standard specification, Bluetooth 4.0 adds the low-power (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) technology, the peak energy consumption is just half of the traditional Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth 4.0 single mode chip (BLE) can use a single button batteries (such as CR2032 of3V, 220mAh ) work for a long time (months or years). In contrast, the standard Bluetooth technology often requires two AAA batteries at least, can work a few days or weeks only. Previously people criticized Bluetooth version is that the slow start, the start-up of Bluetooth 2.1 version need to takes about four seconds,only need three versions Bluetooth 4.0 milliseconds to complete now, almost instantaneous connection. If Bluetooth 2.1 is ordinary “feature phones”, then the latest Bluetooth 4.0 is a “smart phones.”

BLE SHD 1.jpg


There is no paring password. It is fully supported by iPhone, iPad. Android only support Bluetooth BLE from Android 4.3.

Block Diagram: