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This product is a smart carbon monoxide sensor, adopts super low power consumption Zigbee wireless networking technology, used for detecting carbon monoxide.Sensor adopts high performance electrochemical sensor, support sound and flash alarm, It has highest ability, super low power consumption, little sensitivity drift and many other features. Free installation design, support instant bonding.

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  • Working Voltage:DC3V(CR123A Lithium Battery)
  • Static Current:≤20uA
  • Alarm Current:≤60mA
  • Alarm Sound:85dB/1m
  • Alarm Sensitivity:
    • 30ppm 120mins alarm
    • 50ppm 60-90mins alarm
    • 100ppm 10-40mins alarm
    • 300ppm 3mins alarm
  • Networking:ZigBee Ad-Hoc Networking
  • Wireless Networking Distance:≥70m(open area)
  • Working Temperature:-10℃~ +50℃;
  • Environment Humidity:≤ 95%RH
  • Dimension:54*54*45mm
  • Weight: N.W: 66g G.W: 82g


  • 1.This product can not be used for detecting natural

gas(methane), propane, butane and other combustible gas.

  • 2.Clean once a month, users may use household vacuum

cleaner and soft brush when cleaning.

  • 3.Do not use cleanser or solvent wipe sensors, please

avoid spraying air freshener, hair spray, oil paint or other aerosol near sensors.

  • 4.Effective working life span is 5 years, suggest replace

every 5 years no matter there is fault or not. (Battery life span is 3 years).

  • 5.Please be attention when alarm happens. Shut-off

valves immediately, opening the window, make sure indoor airiness. Besides using sensors correctly, users should strengthen the consciousness of fire protection.

Installation Instruction

  • 1.Install the sensor in bedroom and living area or

anywhere CO may leak, make sure each sleeping area can hear sound alarm when choose installation position.

  • 2.Avoid suppressing or falling down sensors, keep

sensors away from humid, high voltage, strong magnetic and children.

  • 3.Do not suggest install sensors in garage, kitchen,

boiler and places where sensor may false alarm. Do not install in dirty, dusty or greasy places, oily, dust or household chemicals may damage internal sensor, and make sensor can not work normally.

  • 4.Sensors can support wall mounted or placing on the

table, household and travel essential.

Installation Drawing

To increase safety factors in single-layer house, suggest to install at least a sensor in each bedroom and install a sensor at 6m from chimney and gas fixture. To increase safety factors in multi-layer house, suggest to install at least a sensor in each bedroom, install at least one sensor in basement. Please install a sensor at 6m from chimney and gas fixture.



Commands for interfacing ZigBee Sensor Device