DMX512 McLaren V1.0

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LinkSprite's broadband powerline communication module has 5Mbps throughput on the powerline. The DMX512 PLC adaptor replaces the DMX512 cable by the powerline ( DC or main AC power).

Recommended wall adapter 5V 2A

Mclaren v1.jpg

Hardware Included

WiFi DMX512 adapter DB9 to DMX cable DC12V 1A wall adapter (AC 110V-220V)


  • AC and DC powerline Communications
  • Fully transparent mode, plug and play coming out of the box without the need to do any programming.
  • The module can be transmitter and receiver without programming
  • Homeplug 1.0
  • 5Mbps throughput on the power line
  • Built-in error correction codes.
  • AT commands used for advanced configuration.
  • 3.3V TTL UART, Optional RS232, RS485.
  • RoHS


user manual