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LinkSprite WiFi DMX512 adapter can bridge DMX512 signal from DMX512 controllers to WiFi signal, and achieve the target of replacing DMX cables by WiFi network.

The adapter has both physical and logic addresses. In a network setup, both physical and logic addresses can be used to address different nodes in the WiFi network.


Hardware Included

WiFi DMX512 adapter DB9 to DMX cable DC12V 1A wall adapter (AC 110V-220V)


  • 7~40V wide range DC power supply
  • AT commands used for modify and check parameters (case-insensitive).
  • Support point to point communication or point to multi-point communication simultaneously.
  • Generate one PWM signal with configurable DMX512 address.


Model LS-WIFI-DMX512
Interface DMX512/RS485
Power Supply 7V-40V DC
Antenna External Antenna
LED Indicator One shared power status LED


user manual