Dobot Industrial Robotic Arm Desktop Robot

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  • 1. Dobot your personal robot.

Dobot is the first desktop-level robotic arm with industrial level of position repeatability. It features industrial-standard accuracy and stability, intuitive and versatile controls, all at an affordable price.

  • 2. ±0.1mm position repeatability.

Industrial level repetitive accuracy up to ±0.1mm which enables dedicate work.

  • 3. Complexity simplified.

Play right out of the box, even control with an APP versatile and intuitive control methods.

  • 4. Easy programing & unlimited possibilities.

Functional & powerful application software SDK(software developer kit).Open protocol. Expendable hardware design.

  • 5. Flexible & economical solution.

Cost economical: innovative design makes Dobot create more value with less cost. Flexible deployment: fast set-up, easy programming, can be operated by every worker. Professional quality: up to 1000+ hours robust and continuous running.

  • 6. Hands–on experience for everyone.

Compressive learning: robotics, industrial automation, electronics, mechanics, programing, etc A Robot arm for students of all grades: interest cultivation , knowledge practice, academic research, all-in-one. Designed for Desktop: easy to be mounted on every desk, no worry for safe issue.

  • 7. Skilled craftsmanship.

CNC high-precision cutting, potable aluminium body, sand-blasting, anodizing, neutralization, dying, double unification sense of vision and touch, are all perfect for operation on desktop.

  • 8. Endless fun, all in Exploring

A wide Variety of Interesting Applications: writing, laser engraving, 3D printing and more to explore. Innovative Platform for Making Your Own Application: SDK and community support for developers. Affordable & Top Industrial Design: a cool and professional robot at consumer price.



Robot arm specification.jpg

Axis movement

Robot arm Axis Movement.jpg


Robot arm physical.jpg

Robot arm physical drawing.jpg

Shipping List

Robot Arm

Robot arm.jpg



Power Adapter & Cable

Power adaptor and cable.jpg

USB Cable

Usb cable.jpg

Tool Package

  • 1. Screw M2*8 ×6
  • 2. Screw Nut M2 ×6
  • 3. Screw M3*10 ×4
  • 4. Screw Nut M3 ×4
  • 5. M1 M1.5 M2 Allen Wrench ×1

Tool package.jpg

Accessories Package 1

  • 1. Pen Holder,Laser Holder,90°Adapter Bracket
  • 2. Base Suction Cap ×4
  • 3. Vacuum Suction Cap 20mm ×1
  • 4. Cable Clips ×4
  • 5. Touchscreen Pen ×1

Accessories 1.jpg



Accessories Package 2

  • 1. Laser Head ×1
  • 2. Servo Extension Cable ×1

Accessories 2.jpg




  • 1. Paperboard for Laser ×5
  • 2. Motor Sticker ×1
  • 3. User Manual ×1

Accessories 3.jpg

Below are additional item for Pro vision of Shipping List

Leap motion

Leap motion.jpg

EEG Kit & EEG Connector