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This Dust Sensor measures the Particulate Matter level in air by counting the Lo Pulse Occupancy time(LPO time) in given time unit. LPO time is in proportion to PM concentration. This sensor can provide you pretty reliable data for your PM2.5 project or air purifier system because it's still responsive to particulates whose diameter is 1um.

DSM501 dust sensor.jpg


  • Supply voltage : DC5V±10%
  • Power consumption : 90mA
  • Operating temperature range : -10~ +65 C
  • Operating humidity range : 95%RH or less (without dew condensation)
  • Recommend storage condition : -20~ +80C
  • Dimension : W59 * H45 * D20 (mm)
  • Detectable particle size : approx. 1? (minimum)
  • Detectable range of concentration : 0 ~ 1.4?/?
  • Output signal : PWM (pulse width modulation)
  • Time for stabilization : 1 minute after power turned on
  • Sensor characteristics : To be maintained in between the upper limit and lower limit of the standard dust sensor unit

Application Ideas




Example of uploading data from dust sensor to Cosm.