FIR: Gainspan WiFi Module with Xbee Breakout

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This module is pin-compatible with Xbee. So you use WiFi in your exsiting xbee based design without any change of your hardware. Just replace xbee with this FIR module, and you are WiFi!

Gainspan GS1011 module is a highly integrated ultra low power wireless single chip which contains an 802.11b radio, media access controller (MAC) and baseband processor, on-chip flash memory and SRAM, and an applications processor all on a single package.

Mod fir.jpg


  • Supports IEEE 802.11
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing 802.11b/g infrastructure and utilizes the 802.11 security, manageability, ease-of-use, and quality of service

802.11i/WPA2 Authentication, AES Hardware encryption

  • Optimized for battery powered application with very low power consumption for multiple years of battery life
  • PCB antenna: Range 200-300M+ Outdoor (Typical Estimate)
  • Two 32-bit ARM7 CPU @44MHz, 1 for applications (APP) : 1 dedicated to radio (WLAN)
  • 2 UART , I2C, 2 SPI, 2 ADC, 3 PWM, and 32 GPIO
  • Operates at 3.3V


Connect to the router and mail server.

> AT(Enter)


Effect:Check the wifi serial connection is ok or not.

> AT+WS(Enter)

BSSID SSID Channel Type RSSI Security

00:12:34:56:78:90,"SOLID" ,6, INFRA, -53, NONE

NO. O AP Found:1


Effect :Search the wireless network in the certain range.

> AT+NDHCP=1 (Enter)


Effect:Permit dynamic host to set agreement.

(>AT+WWPA=Password,if router is WPA encrypted, put the password here)

(>AT+WWEP=Password,if router is WEP encrypted, put the password here)

> AT+WA=SOLID (Enter)

IP SubNet Gateway


Effect:Connect to the wireless network SOLID

> AT+NCTCP=,25 (Enter)



S0220 smtp105 ESMTP

Effect:Connect to Yahoo mail box(STMP)

>1B 53 30 48 45 4C 4F 0D 0A 1B 45

> S 0 H E L O Enter E

Return EOOS0250

Effect:According to command > S0hello worldE specified by gainspan, send to Yahoo mail server by 16 hex through serial.


Schematic of FIR:Gainspan wifi module with xbeee breakout in PDF