Intelligent Auto PIR Door Lock Induction Lamp

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This is intelligent auto PIR door lock induction lamp.

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Brand New and high quality

Auto PIR Keyhole LED use Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Radio technology

Motion detection enable illuminate automatically when you approach

Automatic on-off (delayed five seconds off if people leave)

4 Bright cool-white LED lights with 80 million hours of long life

Environmental protection and energy saving

Compact, safe and easy to install

LED Quantity: 4pcs

Influence mode: Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Radio

Built-in light sensor (only works on dark background)

Shell Color: Silver

LED life: 100000hours

Sensitivity Distance: 3 meters

Angle Sensitivity: 60graus

Power: 1 x AA 1.5V battery (not included)

Standby Current: <0.35mA

Operating temperature: -5graus centigrade ~ 38 centigrade

Operating Humidity: 5% ~ 93%

Size: 81x46x30 mm


1 Do not operate the unit at high temperature and humidity environment

2 Please take out battery from unit if not in use for any extended period of time