LinkNode Base Shield For Xduino

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LN Xduino.png

LN Xduino 2.png

This is the sensor base shield of Linker kit. It can accept the connection of various modules of LinkNode. This shield can be used with Arduino,pcDuino,Arduino 101 etc.


  • 14 Digital connectors(D0-D13)
  • 6 Analog connector (A0-A5)
  • 1 I2C sockets (A4,A5)
  • 1 SPI socket (D10-D13)
  • 1 Software SPI socket (D7-D4)
  • 2 UART connectors (D0、D1)
  • 1 Reset button
  • Compatible with all LinkNode modules

Note:I2C via connect to A4 ,A5 by default,if these pins not adapt to your boards, you can choose the welding points behind the welding board.



1. Here is an example of buzzer

(1) Connect the LinkNode Module buzzer to the TXD/D1

LN Xduino 3.png


int  beep = 1 ;
 void setup() 
   pinMode(beep, OUTPUT);    
 // the loop function runs over and over again forever
 void loop() 
   digitalWrite(led, LOW);                                    
   digitalWrite(led, HIGH); 

2. More sensors

LN Xduino 4.png