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Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Shield is an addon that can turn pcDuino8 Uno into a Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Shield. It is using Nordic nRF51422 chipset and Arduino compatible. User have the flexibility to what serial ports (soft serial port or hard serial port on pcDuino) can be used to talk to the BLE Shield by installing jumpers. User can also reflash the firmware of the nRF51422 chipset using the on-board debug headers. For example, user can choose to flash the chipset with MBED BLE and S110 protocol.




  • NRF51822 Bluetooth Low Energy & 2.4GHz Wireless SOC
  • MBED program compatible
  • Debug headers
  • Arduino and pcDuino compatible serial port communication
  • Soft serial-port and Hard serial port available.