LinkNode Infrared Emitter Module

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The Infrared Emitter is used to transmit infrared signals through an infrared LED, while there is an Infrared receiver to get the signals on the other side. An infrared LED is like any other LED, with its color centered around 940nm. We can not only use the emitter to transmit data or commands, but also to emulate remotes to control your home appliance using an Arduino.

INFEM D1.jpg

INFEM D1 2.jpg

INFEM D1 3.jpg

INFEM D1 4.jpg


The module is connected to the base shield J1:

Infrared TX --> LinkNode D1 G0

INFEM D1 5.png

Install Library

*download library:


Place the IRremote library folder your ”arduinosketchfolder/libraries/ folder”.

INFEM D1 6.png

Load Demo

Open “File->Examples->IRremoteESP8266->LinkNodeEsp-IRsend” and upload to your LinkNode D1.

INFEM D1 7.png

This is just an infrared transmitter module, we also need an infrared receiver module.

You will need to prepare an additional Infrared receiver module and an Arduino board.

* Infrared receiver module please refer to the following link:

INFEM D1 8.png

Open the Arduino IDE serial monitor ( BAUD 9600 , Please select the Arduino serial port, not the D1 serial port ) to see sensor data output. You can see the information below.

INFEM D1 9.png

INFEM D1 10.png