LinkNode Light Sensor Module

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This module for the TEMT6000 Light Sensor, Sensor acts like a transistor - the greater the incoming light, the higher the analog voltage on the signal pin. At some point you are going to want to sense ambient brightness with better precision than your trusty photoresistor without adding complexity to your project. When that day comes, You will need a TEMT6000 ambient light sensor.

Light Sensor D1 1.jpg

Light Sensor D1 5.jpg

Light Sensor D1 2.jpg

Light Sensor D1 4.jpg

Wiring & Running

The Sensor module is connected to the base shield J9:

Sensor Signal --> LinkNode D1 ADC0

Open the Arduino IDE serial monitor ( BAUD 9600 ) , you can see the sensor value

Light Sensor D1.png

Simple Code

int temt6000Pin = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  int value = analogRead(temt6000Pin);
  Serial.print("Sensor Value: ");
  delay(300); //only here to slow down the output so it is easier to read