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LinkNode core is Arduino-compatible WiFi development board which is powered by the high integrated WiFi chip ESP-8266EX.

Thanks for the contribution from open source community who have developed Arduino core for ESP8266, this let Aduino IDE program LinkNode core without any change. At the same time, LinkNode core Esp8266 has Linker Base which make it very easy to connect to LinkNode Sensors.

ESP8266 KIT B.png

ESP8266 KIT C 2.png

LinkNode V2 1.jpg

LinkNode V2 2.jpg


  • Powered by ESP-8266EX
  • 8 Digital I/O pins
  • 1 Analog Input pin
  • 1 micro USB port for power/configure
  • Compatible with Arduino programming
  • Compatible with NodeMCU
  • OTA -- Wireless Upload(Program)

Pin Mapping

Linknodecore 3.jpg


1.Get started on Arduino

The tutorial of LinkNode core Esp8266 to get started on Arduino programming as same as LinkNode D1

2.LinkNode core Esp8266 Sensors

LinkNode core Esp8266 have many sensors now and sensor-driven are already written, we also continue to update the number of sensors,we will make LinkNode series more stronger.

  • Download LinkNode core Sensors library from github.
  • Move the library to arduino-xxx(version)/libraries/

a.LinkNode Module Buzzer

LinkNode V2 4.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Beep

Linknodecore 5.png

Upload the code and then you can test the buzzer module.

b.LinkNode Module Relay

LinkNode V2 5.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Relay

Linknodecore 7.png

Upload the code and then you can test the Relay module.

c.LinkNode Module Infraed Emitter

LinkNode V2 9.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-IRsend

Linknodecore 9.png

Upload the code and then you can test the IR module,you should have a IR Recieve Module or some IR equipments.

d.LinkNode Module Thumb Joystick

LinkNode V2 10.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Thumb

Linknodecore 11.png

Upload the code and then you can test the Thumb Joystick module,LinkNode core Esp8266 only have one anglog pin.

e.LinkNode Module Tem&RH Sensor-AM2302

LinkNode V2 3.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Am2302

Linknodecore 13.png

Upload the code and then you can test the AM2302 module,wo can use this module get Humidity,Temperature.

f.LinkNode Module Pressure Sensor

LinkNode V2 7.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Bmp280

Linknodecore 15.png

Upload the code and then you can test the Bmp280 module,wo can use this module get Pressure,Temperature.

g.LinkNode Module Light Sensor

LinkNode V2 8.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Temt6000

Linknodecore 17.png

Upload the code and then you can test the Temt6000 module.

h.LinkNode Module 4Dig-7Seg

LinkNode V2 6.jpg

Open the code LinkNodeEsp-Seg

Linknodecore 19.png

Upload the code and then you can test the 4Dig-7Seg module.


LinkMod SCH

Package List

  • LinkNode Core ESP8266 x 1
  • Linker Base for LinkNode x 1
  • LinkNode Module Thumb Joystick x 1