LinkSprite Extension Plate for Black Enclosure for pcDuino and Arduino

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This LinkSprint extension plate is a standard accessory for LinkSprite pcDuino enclosure. By stacking multiple extension plate, the LinkSprite black enclosure can allow multiple shield be to stack altogether. When used with the pcDuino/Arduino enclosure, it fits nicely with the existing enclosure. You can apply one or more plates based on your need. What you need to do is to fasten by the copper cylinder in the package.

Plate for Black Enclosure.jpg


  • 1. Install the pcDuino enclosure as the normal one (step 1 to step 3).
  • 2. Mount the shield on pcDuino.Fit the extension plate into the groove on the bottom panel.

Extension step1.jpg

  • 3. Insert the copper cylinder, you can install more extension plates if you have more shields or you need more internal space.

Extension step2.jpg

Extension step3.jpg

  • 4. Cover with the lid and fasten by the screws at last.

Extension step4.jpg