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The LinkSprite Scratch Linker Kits are an excellent platform for teaching multi-disciplinary STEM to Australian school students. The kits are relevant both to industry and academia and do not lock schools into a proprietary platform as they are based on open industry standards and can support all of the major software development environments and languages. We have an extensive range of kits and resources available which can be used to facilitate almost any conceivable project.

The kit is designed to support STEM teachers teaching STEM courses. By following the course material provided with the kit, a teacher and their students can quickly learn the basics of mechatronics and software design. The kit will go a long way towards fast tracking the STEM and coding outcomes required to meet the new National Curriculum and help to energise and progress STEM in our schools and universities.

Scratch kit.png

Kit Contents

1 x pcDuino3 Board Computer

1 x Base Shield for Linker Kit

1 x Acrylic Clear Enclosure

1 x HDMI Video Cable

1 x CAT 5E Twisted Pair Network Cable

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x USB Hub

1 x USB Camera

4 x 20cm Linker Cable

10 x Male-Female Jumper Cables

1 x Joystick Linker Module

1 x Linear Slide Potentiometer Linker Module

1 x Momentary-ON Push Button Linker Module

1 x Ambient Light Sensor Linker Module

1 x Temperature Sensor Linker Module

1 x Touch Sensor Linker Module

1 x Buzzer Linker Module

3 x 10mm LED Linker Modules - Red, Green and Blue.

1 x Servo Motor

2 x Infrared Distance Sensor Linker Module


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