LinkSprite UHF RFID Reader Antenna (902-928MHz, 8dBi RHC Pol)

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The antenna should be mounted permanently and securely on a mounting panel in accordance with all installation instructions.


For best results, point the antenna towards the center of the coverage area. A line-of-sight path between the antenna and active floor locations work best. Although signals in these bands penetrate interior walls with little attenuation, reinforced block walls, banks of metal cabinets, or steel shelving may attenuate signals or cause multipath, a condition where reflected signals interfere wit the primary signal path. Avoid mounting next to a column or vertical support that could a "shadow zone" of reduced coverage.


The antenna radiates a circularly polarized signal in a diretional pattern. Securely mount the antenna to a metal plate using the appropriate size nuts and locking hardware.


Frequency MHz 902-928
Gain dBi 8.0 Nominal
Working Temperature -40 degree C to 65 degree C
Impedance 50 ohm
3 dB Horizonal Beamwidth 90 degree
3 dB Vertical Beamwidth 90 degree
Polarization Circular Right
Connector N-K
Power watts 100
Mounting 2 thresdded tuds (rack mount
Lighting Prorection DC ground
Dimensionals mm 216 X 216 X 25 mm
Antenna Weight 1.2 kg

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LS 8dB RFID 2.jpg

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