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iPens Independence is one series of smart pen, which is used on almost all of cap-touch devices, e.g. smart phone and pad. Anyone can write or draw using this pen naturally, just like traditional pen.

IPens 1.jpg

IPens 2.jpg

IPens 3.jpg


IPens 4.jpg


  • Length: 180.5mm measured from tip to cap
  • Diameter: 9.5mm


  • Micro USB connector

Using Time

  • About 6 hours normal writing

User Manual

Power Up / Power Down

  • Power Up: Push down and hold Start Button for 1 second, then release. iPens Independence will be started after LED flashed 3 times
  • Power Down: Placing iPens Independence without writing for 2 minutes, it will power down automatically


  • iPens Independence can be used to write or draw after power up

Battery Charge

  • Pull out Cap, and charge with Micro USB adapter


  • iPens x 1
  • Micro USB adapte x 1