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The LinkerBot platform is a kit which has the following features:

  • Simple mechanical structure, and easy to assemble. The assembling instructions are provided.
  • Speed encoders are embedded. They can be used to measure the walking distance, speed feedback, etc.
  • Battery holder is provided that can hold 4 AA batteries.
  • A switch is provided so that user can easily power on and off.

Linkerbot platform.jpg

Parts List:

  • 1 x Plastic sheet
  • 2 x Electric motors
  • 2 x Speed encoders
  • 4 x Fixtures
  • 1 x Omni-directional ball caster metal
  • 1 x Battery holder
  • 1 x Switch
  • Many nuts and bolts

After assembling, it will look as:

Linkerbot platform 1.jpg

The distance between inner rings of tires is 130mm. The distance between outer rings of tires is 150mm.

LinkerBot comes with speed encoder that can be used to measure the speed.

Linkerbot platform 2.jpg

Specification of Motor

Working Voltage DC 3V DC 5V DC 6V
Working Current 100mA 100mA 120mA
Gear Ratio 48:1
Idle Speed (loaded with tire) 100 rpm 190 rpm 240 rpm
Diameter of Tire 6.6cm
Idle Linear Speed 20 meters/minute 39 meters/minute 48 meters/minute
Weight 50g
Size 70mm X 22mm X 18mm
Noise < 65dB

Assembly Instruction

Step 1


  • Remove the protection paper of plastic sheet, fixture, and speed encoder.
  • Insert fixture into the plastic sheet

Step 2


  • Install the speed encoder, and fix the motor to the plastic sheet

Attention: The motor lead should be faced to inside, the speed ebcoder side, cannot install reversed

Step 3


  • Fix the motor to the plastic sheet, insert the screws then tight up the nults

Step 4


  • Insert the screws, and fasten the battery holder

Step 5


  • Insert the copper cylinder, fix the Omni-directional ball caster metal by 8 screws. Pinch the motor(to protect the fixture), then insert it into wheel. Assemble finish.