MP3 Shield for Arduino

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Arduino MP3 Shield is a high quality MP3 module, supporting standard MP3 and WAV format audio files. It also supports three kinds of storage devices, including an onboard SPI-Flash, external SD Card and U-Disk.

The Arduino MP3 Shield has an onboard 3W Class-D stereo audio amplifier which could drive 4ohm load such as loudspeaker.

The Arduino MP3 Shield has seven buttons and a UART interface, that is to say user has two ways to control the module flexibly. The UART interface is connected to the Arduino hardware UART by default. Since most Arduino boards have only one UART interface, this module's UART interface can be redefined to Arduino D7 (TX) and D8 (RX) through the jumpers on board.

With SoftSerial lib, Arduino could also send data to this module. We tested with 8G SDHC card and 16G U-disk. It works in perfect compatibility. We haven't tested larger SD and U-disk yet.


User Manual

Sample Arduino Code