Motor Driver Shield for Arduino (L293D chipset)

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The board uses two L293D chips. Each one has two H bridge that can controls two motors.


Q: How many motors can be connected at most?

A: 4 DC motors, or 2 stepper motors and 2 servo motors.

Following are options:

1. Connect 4 DC motors and 2 servos.

2. Connect 2 DC motors, 1 stepper motor and 2 servos.

3. Connect 2 steperp motors and 2 servos.

Q: Which ports are connected to DC/ Step motor?

A: DC / Stepper motors are not connected to Arduino directly. They are parallel-connected to 74HC595 and then controlled by Arduino. You cannot control the motor directly. You have to use motor driver board library to drive the motor.

Q: Which ports of Arduino are used by this driver board?

A: All of 6 analog ports are not used. They can also be used as digital ports(pins14-19).They normally are used to connect sensors.

   Digital ports 2 and 13 are not used.
  The following ports are used:
  Digital port 11: DC motor #1 / stepper #1(PWM)
  Digital port3: DC motor #2 / stepper#1(PWM)
  Digital port5: DC motor #3 / stepper #2(PWM)
  Digital port6: DC motor #4 / stepper #2(PWM)
  Digital port 4, 7, 8 and 12 are used when any DC motor or stepper motor is used.

Following ports will be used when driving servo motor:

Digital port 9: servo control #1
  Digital port 10: servo motor#2

Q: How to connect unused ports?

A: Analog port (0-5 can be used as digital ports 14-19) is connected to headers at the low right corner. You can use them directly.

Common Issues:

Q: I ran the example codes, and get the following error message:

“error: AFMotor.h: No such file or directory...."

A: Make sure you have installed the library AFMotor. Unzip the library file to the directory “libraries” of arduino.

Example: D:Program Filesarduino-0021libraries

And open Arduino IDE again. There are reference example codes available


Q: How to install into Arduino IDE?

A: Install Arduino compatible with full-featured driver board library to

Arduino. Unzip the library file to the directory “libraries” of Arduinio.

Example:D:Program Filesarduino-0021libraries

And open Arduino IDE again. There are reference example codes.



Datasheet of L293D

Sample Arduino Code

User Manual