NEX Wireless Mini Camera

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NEX wireless mini camera,comes with WIFI hot spots, direct WIF hot zero flow connection. NEX connected to the Internet, the mobile phone automatically switch network mode, to achieve remote access. All weather video, 8G 12 hours/16G 24 hours of video recording, automatic motion detection. Delay shot 16G 7 days/8G 14 days automatic circulation.

NEX Camera 1.png

NEX Camera 2.png

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How to connect NEX

Quick connect

A . Put switch to ON and Charge your NEXEquipment, NEX- C with start when power cable plug in.

B. Download APP from www. nex. ren,or scan QR code to download APP directly.

NEX Camera 6.jpg

C. Access APP, and add your NEX equipment with NEX Camera 7-1.jpg button.


1. Your phone should connect your wifi before add NEX.

2. Original code: 88888888, you can change it in setting after add equipment successfully.

NEX Camera 8.pngNEX Camera 9.png

D. Follow the guide, until connection success. Please reset NEX if connection failed, 15" for NEX system restart.

NEX Camera 10.pngNEX Camera 11.png

Quick Connect suit for 1st time connection at home

Search Add suit for adding NEX already LINKED

QRCode Add suit for adding NEX remotely

NEX Camera 12.pngNEX Camera 13.png

iPhone need input connection code 88888888 manually

Press home button 2 times to chose NEX APP and continue to finish connection.

NEX to Phone- wifi Direct

A. Same as part I, power on your NEX and download APP

B. Open your phone setting and find a hotport named NEX_ xxxxx, original code 88888888

NEX Camera 14.pngNEX Camera 15.png

C. Back to homepage and find button NEX Camera 7-1.jpg

Use 1 of the 2 connection method to add NEX

1. Search Add or

2. QRCode Add(on the last page of manual)

You can get live video within 50 meters after successful connection.

NEX Camera 15.pngNEX Camera 16.png

D. Press setting button to connect your NEX with wifi

NEX Camera 18.jpg

Find your router and input password, NEX with restart in 20"

NEX Camera 19.pngNEX Camera 20.png


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