NXT/EV3 Brick Shield for Arduino

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Use the NXT/EV3 Brick Shield to connect up to two LEGO NXT motors and four LEGO NXT sensors to an Arduino.It is also compatible with Arduino Mega.

  • Supports up to two LEGO NXT motors, and reading their encoders
  • Supports up to four simultaneous LEGO NXT sensors
  • Supports LEGO NXT touch sensors on all four sensor ports
  • Supports LEGO NXT 2.0 color sensor on two ports
  • Supports LEGO NXT ultrasonic sensor on two ports
  • Uses NXT cables
  • Two TIP120 transistors help you switch larger loads
  • Tested compatible with Uno, but will work on many other Arduino compatibles

Brick Shield 101101046-1.jpg

Brick Shield 101101046-2.jpg

Brick Shield 101101046-3.jpg

Please note, the method of supplying power to the motors can be selected by jumper, the motors can be powered by arduino or external power supply.

Wiring instructions is as following,



How to buy

Here to buy NXT/EV3 Brick Shield for Arduino on store.