Networked 3D person counter

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• Precise and reliable 3D people counting

• Optimal for high-flow traffic

• Optimal for environments with strong light and shadows

• Optimizes marketing efforts

• Improves staff and store planning

3D person counter.png

3D person counter-3.png


• Uses high performance 1.3m 1/3’CMOS sensor. Good low-illumination effect, high definition image output 1.3 million (1280*960) @25fps;

• Supports H.265 encoding, high compression ratio and ultra-low code stream;

• Support wide dynamic, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, backlight compensation, digital watermarking, suitable for different indoor monitoring environment;

• Support for h. 264 / h. 264 b/h. 264 H/h. 265, flexible coding, apply different bandwidth and storage environment;

• Support scene change, passenger flow statistics, audio detection, SD card exception, network exception, illegal access, video playback, alarm linkage;

• Support alarm 1 in 1 out, 485,128 G SD card,1 way built-in MIC;

• Support DC12V/POE power supply mode, maximum current 1A, support top quick loading plate and hoisting mode, convenient for installation; Support IP54 protection level.


The products are mainly used in scenes such as supermarket, brand chain, tourist attractions, passenger cars, etc. that require passenger traffic statistics and security management.

Technical Parameters

3D person counter-1.png

3D person counter-2.png