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Recently, LinkSprite released a powerful mini PC platform pcDuino8 Uno which is powered by Allwinner H8 SoC chip. It has 8 Cortex-A7 ARM cores whose operating frequency is up to 2.0GHz.

Base on this powerful platform, we have constructed a new kit called OpenCV computer vision kit which users can use to quick start OpenCV computer vision and do lost of fun stuff including but not limited to the follows:

  • Learn or teach programming
  • Learn Ubuntu Linux
  • Work with hardware part
  • OpenCV computer vision
  • Implement a network video monitoring system
  • DIY a simple camera
  • Motion detection
  • Face detection

OpenCV computer vision kit.JPG

Package List

1 X PcDuino8 Uno [MP_PCDUINO8_UNO] [102109008]

1 X Mini Webcam for Robot Video Real Time Video Stream V2.0 [WEBCAM_PCDUINO_V2][108202005]

1 X USB microB Cable - 6 Foot [CAB_uB][117201004]

1 X 8G TF Card


1. CameraDIY

User Guide


2. Face Detection

User Guide


3. Motion Detection

User Guide



User Guide