OpenMV CAM Image Sensor

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The OpenMV CAM Image Sensor runs Micropython which allows you to program it in Python to do any of the above things while being able to control I/O pins and read/write files on an SD card. It's basically a general purpose microcontroller like the Arduino with a rich amount of computer vision functionality.

OpenMV CAM A.jpg

OpenMV CAM-B.jpg

OpenMV CAM-C.jpg

  • 320x240 maximum image processing resolution
  • Face Detection and pupil Tracking
  • Motion Detection w/ frame differencing
  • Blob detection w/ color tracking
  • Can record GIFs/MJPEG videos


Open camare.jpg

  • 320x240 maximum image processing resolution in either grayscale or color. Your frame rate will be dependent on your application but can go up to 30+ FPS at smaller resolutions
  • Executes compiled machine vision algorithms via high level Python User Interface
  • Python scripts are compiled too before execution resulting in near zero overhead
  • 9 user controllable multi-function GPIO pins (multi-functions include 1 ADC/DAC pin, 1 SPI bus, 1 I2C bus, 1 Serial Port, and 2 Servo Pins)
  • Full Speed USB (12 Mb/s) serial port connection to your computer
  • SDIO SD socket (25Mb/s) - We support both standard capacity and high capacity SD cards
  • We have a RGB LED on board along with 2 IR LEDs
  • The system draws about 150 mA in operation
  • Lens mounts are M12 (comes with a 2.8mm 92 degree FOV lens with an easily removable IR filter)