Papilio I/O Wing

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Product Description

This Wing provides a 16-bit, 5V tolerant bidirectional buffer for the Papilio Platform boards, and can be used with the OLS Logic Analyzer.


16 bidirectional I/O channels

Populated with the IDT IDTQS3VH16245 Bus Switch.

All inputs are 5V tolerant.

Outputs are 3.3V at most, this is usually sufficient to drive 5V logic levels.

Near zero propagation delay allows bidirectional dataflow up to 500 MHz.

Supports live insertion and removal


Logic Analyzer

Data Acquisition

5V tolerant I/O



Product Home Page

16-bit Buffer Wing Home Page


The 16-bit Input Buffer Wing is a lower cost alternative if only buffered inputs are needed.


The 16-bit Buffer Wing does not ship with the headers populated in order to allow the end user the greatest flexibility in decided the final configuration. Headers can be ordered along with the Buffer Wing, one Female Header or one Male Header is all that is needed.

How to buy

Here to buy Papilio I/O Wing on store