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This VGA Wing allows graphics to be added to your projects, up to eight colors with as much resolution as you can preserve memory for.



  • One R,G,B control line allows for a combination of 8 colors.
  • Voltage Divider design allows for fast response times and high resolutions.
  • Resolution depends on how much memory can be made available for your project.


  • Menus
  • Video Games
  • Slideshows
  • Graphical Interfaces


Schematic of Papilio VGA Wing in PDF


The VGA Wing comes in kit form which means it needs to be assembled and soldered. It is a very easy kit to assemble and only requires very basic soldering skills. There is an option to have the board assembled for those who want to be up and running without the DIY aspect.

Packing List

  • VGA Wing PCB
  • DB15 VGA Connector
  • 2 x 82.5 ohm Resistors
  • 3 x 270 ohm Resistors
  • 12 pin Male Breakable Header


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How to buy

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