PercepCam POE Mini Dome Gun Detection Camera Surveillance camera

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LinkSprite begins to sell the first model of affordable consumer-level gun detection cameras.

Empowered by a highly optimized object detection algorithm for an embedded device, we push all GPU/CPU-intensive computation to the edge device – the camera. As a result, we make our gun detection camera low cost, and affordable for individual customers.

As far as we know, this camera is the first consumer level gun detection camera in the market that does not use video streaming or a designated server for the inference.

This mini dome camera can work day and night to capture guns around your house and business. When a gun is detected, a frame of the video is sent to the LinkSprite Deepcloud (, and a notification is pushed to you in the IOS/Android app called Percepcam. You can manage the devices or data on the app or on a webpage.



• Video resolution: 2M pixels; Video compression standard: H.265+/H.265/H.264;

• Supports digital wide dynamic, night vision optimization, with image clearer and smoother;

• Supports automatic restart when power failure or unexpected failure;

• Supports monitoring for day and night: IR cut filter with an auto switch; Color image auto switch to black/white;

• Support P2P remote video view from the mobile app;

• Built-in AI deep learning gun detection and tracking algorithm. The tracking algorithm reduces the number of frames sent to the cloud and notifications sent to the user;

• Real-time notification within 2 seconds after a gun is detected;

• Mobile APP called “PercepCam”.

Technical Specifications