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Power Base Shield is a board designed specifically for two smart trolleys S4A and VIPLE launched by our company, as the power supply is redesigned as well as the layout of the sensor I/O are updated for the small trolley.There are two power supply chips MIC29302BU on this module, which separate the power supply of core control board and peripheral sensor, so as to avoid interference on one aspect, also meet the demand of high-power devices on the other aspect.Power Base Shield has a DC power supply input port, with the input voltage range of 7-12V, which could provide a stable power supply for peripheral devices and control chip.


  • 1. Compatible with VIPLE and S4A trolleys launched by LinkSprite.
  • 2. Use dual power supply chip
  • 3. Power chip use with MIC29302BU with high integration
  • 4. Lead out the used sensor pin according to rules
  • 5. The sensor has a power supply jumper selection
  • 6. LED power status indication

Schematic Diagram

Power Base Shield Schematic


Power Base Shield interface is compatible with the Arduino and pcDuino, available for use just by insert.The power supply is connected by Power Base Shield DC power supply port, which allow access with 7-12V power supply, as the sensor above are reminded by silk screen. The following is Power Base Shield used on VIPLE trolley.

Power base shield.png