RGB/Infrared USB Cameras for Face Recogniton With Antispoof

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This is a developed binocular face recognition and liveness detection camera, it is having one 2-Megapixel HDR camera and one 2-Megapixel B/W Camera with USB 2.0 output. It is mainly used for the face recognition and liveness detection systems, for the identity verification and safety inspection in bank ATMs, Customs and airport etc.

Binocular Camera.JPG

Binocular Camera-2.JPG

Binocular Camera-4.PNG

Binocular Camera-6.PNG

General Features

• Effective pixel 2-Megapixel + 2-Megapixel, 30 frames @1920*1080

• Supports face recognition and liveness detection

• USB Video Output, Automatic Exposure, Automatic White Balance, Working Temperature Range from - 30 C to 70 C

• UVC architecture, compatible with Windows XP&7&8.1&LINUX&Andriod&MAC multiple systems, providing development kits to support secondary development

• High Speed Transmission of USB2.0

Outline Dimension

Binocular Camera-7.PNG


Binocular Camera-8.PNG


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