RetroCade MegaWing

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The Open Source RetroCade MegaWing provides all of the audio hardware needed to make sweet retro music in one convenient and easy to connect circuit board. It snaps into the Papilio Pro and gives it the necessary hardware resources to communicate with the outside world. Continue reading for more information about each hardware section of the RetroCade MegaWing.

RetroCade MegaWing1.jpg

RetroCade MegaWing2.jpg


  • 2 –1/4” Stereo Audio Jacks with 18 bit Delta Sigma DAC
  • MIDI – In, Out, Through
  • uSD Card for MOD, MIDI, YM, SID, and config files
  • MicroJoystick – 4 directions, Select
  • 2×16 LCD Display
  • 16 Analog inputs for sliders and knobs
  • 16 Digital inputs for switches and peripherals