Smart Combustible Gas Sensor

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This Smart Combustible Gas Sensor adopts extra low power consumption ZigBee wireless module. Used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing danger caused by gas leakage. ZigBee repeater, extend wireless transmission distance.Detector adopts high stability semi-condutor gas sensor, with high stability, small sensitivity drift and many other features. Detector alarms while gas density in air exceed alarm level. It is applicable for kitchen or possible gas leaking indoor area.





  • 1.Working Voltage:AC100V~240V
  • 2.Average consumption <1.5W
  • 3.Alarm sound:75dB/m
  • 4.Alarm density:6%LEL±3%LEL(natural gas)
  • 5.Networking:ZigBee Ad-hoc Network
  • 6.Wireless networking distance: < 100m(open area)
  • 7.Working environment:-10℃~ +50℃;
  • 8.Working humidity: Max 95% RH
  • 9.Dimension: 79* 68* 31mm(no including plug)

Warm Prompt

  • 1.Shell surface has a slight fever while working

is a normal phenomenon .

  • 2.Please dismantle detector while decorating


  • 3.Avoid spraying aerosol around sensor.
  • 4.Oil adhension on gas convection window may

effect the sensitivity of gas detector after long time using, Suggest users to clear gas convection window with brush mixing little detergent every 3 months ( or based on specific oil polution lavel). Don't let detergent enter detector's body. Please retest after clean.

  • 5.Semi-conductor of gas detector supports 5-

year lifespan, pls replace detectors timely.

  • 6.Pls do not use lighter to test detectors in case

of any damage to gas sensor.

  • 7.For your safety, in addition to use detectors

properly, pls be vigilant and enhance safety prevention awareness in daily life.

Functional Diagram

Before installation, pls confirm`the detecting gas density, heavier or lighter than air. If detecting gas is heavier than air: LPG., etc, install at 0.3- 1m height from floor, semi-diameter to gas source less than 1.5m. If detecting gas is lighter than air: natural gas, manufactured gas, marsh gas., etc, install at 0.3-1m height from ceiling, semi-diameter to gas source less than 1.5m.



Commands for interfacing ZigBee Sensor Device