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Solar Charger is single lithium battery charging management module which can be powered by solar panels, as the main components of the module is CN3083. The device includes an internal power transistor, and the application does not require an external current sense resistor and blocking diode.The internal 8-bit analog - digital conversion circuit could automatically adjusts the charging current according to current output capacity of input voltage source, the user does not need to consider the worst case, and it can maximally use current output capacity of the input voltage source, very suitable for the application of lithium battery charging powered by voltage source with limited current output capacity such as solar panel.CN3083 requires minimal peripheral components, and complies with the USB bus specification, ideally suited for portable application fields. Thermal modulation circuit could control the chip temperature in safe range when the components power consumption or ambient temperature is relatively high. Internally fixed constant voltage charging voltage is 4.2V, can also be adjusted by an external resistor. Charging current could be set by an external resistor. When the input voltage power down, CN3083 automatically enters a low power consumption sleep mode, dropping the battery current consumption is less than 3 microamps. Other functions include input voltage too low latch,, automatic recharge, battery temperature monitor and charging status /charging completion indication etc.


  • 1. Using advanced degree CN3083 chip
  • 2. Dual input and output compatible with universal wiring
  • 3. Charging status pin lead out, facilitate the secondary development
  • 4. Charging status indicated by LED

Schematic Diagram



Solar Charger input voltage is 4.6-6.0V, output 4.2V, there are status indicators, bright red status light when charging, bright green status lights when charging is completed. Charging current is generally about 500mA, which will change as the battery electric quantity changes.

Input and output are respectively provided two interfaces, VIN1, VIN2, VOUT1, VOUT2. With "+", "-" sign as a power source positive and negative.

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