Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

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This is a start kit for Raspberry Pi. Note: The Raspberry Pi is NOT included.

The following items are included:

  • 5V, 2A wall adaptor
  • Mico USB cable that can pass 2A current
  • Jump wires with variable length
  • USB serial debug cable
  • SD card 4GB with USB microSD card reader and SD card adaptor
  • Raspberry Pi Cobber breakout board with GPIO cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Raspberry Pi enclosure
  • Breadboard
  • 5 x 10K ohm resistors
  • 5 x 510 ohm resistors
  • 1 x Red LED
  • 1 x Green LED
  • 1 x Blue LED
  • 3 x momentary buttons
  • 1 x LDR
  • 1 x 1uF capacitor

Raspberrypi starter kit.jpg

You can order it from LinkSprite store