TL-WR703N Wireless 3G Router

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TP-link TL-WR703N is truly a plug and play wireless router. Traveling on business or hotel, Plug the network cable into the TL-WR700N Ethernet port , then plug it into a power outlet. The room will now have Wi-Fi wireless coverage. At this point, you can take out your cell phone, Pad support or any other Wi-Fi wireless Internet access equipment, wireless Internet access anywhere in the room, without any setup.

TL-WN703N has wireless and power supply integrated design. It can easily be put in a shirt pocket & is truly a portable wireless router.



  • 150M Mini Wireless Router-TL-WR703 11N Wireless, 150Mbps wireless speed
  • Plug and Play, no configuration, compact and portable, suitable for Business trips or Home
  • Compatible with smart phones, tablet computers, notebooks / Netbook and other equipment
  • Support five modes: AP (access point) / Client (wireless client) / Repeater (radio relay) / Bridge (wireless *bridge)/ Router (wireless router)
  • Provide a LAN / WAN wired interface, automatically switched to WAN port under wireless routing mode


  • Package weight:219g
  • Package size:11.1*11*6.8cm

Package Content

  • 1 x TP-LINK 703 N Wireless N 150M Router
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x instruction
  • 1 x Power Adapter