USB Silicone Soft Keyboard

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USB Silicone Soft Keyboard


Product Description

  • Flexible full size keyboard
  • Combo port (PS/2+USB)
  • Foldable, portable and storable
  • Good quality and best price
  • Size: 405mm(L)×125mm(W)×7mm(H)
  • Packaging of cylinder size:Ф80mm×130mm(H)


  • Standard keyboard with ergonomic design and comfortable touch feeling.
  • PS/2,USB,U+P port are all avaliable.
  • Standard keys with color box package.
  • Adopting high quality silicone and ABS case
  • Comptable with WIN95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista
  • Key switch with tactile feedback, key knock lifetime upto10,000,000 cycles.
  • Blister box package.
  • The USB flexible keyboard is made from silicone material with strong elasticity, which is Eco-frendly, Non-toxic, Odourless,Flexible,Foldable,Waterproof,Anti-pollution,Noiseless
  • Operating temperature: -30 ~ 80 °C / -22 ~ 176 - °F
  • Application: desktop, notebook, pcDuino, RPI