Visitor Welcome System Based on Face Recognition

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DeepCam's Visitor Welcome System consists of two steps: first, a security check that identifies stranger and sends an alarm if one is detected, followed by the visitors then registering at the front desk and providing information as to whom they are visiting and the purpose of their visit. While waiting for approval, visitors must remain in the designated area following registration in line with building management rules. VIP visitors such as Ming will be warmly welcomed with their names displayed on the screen along with a voice announcement '(the name of the visitor), Welcome!' For those who work within DeepCam, they can enter the building by passing through the facial recognition system even if they have forgotten to bring their entry pass, preventing fraudulent behavior, such as buddy punching (clocking in for a coworker). With the smart systems, companies and their employees within the building can identity their respective areas of activity." And when strangers visit, the system will promptly remind, VIP visitors will be warmly welcomed.

Visitor welcome system-1.JPG

Visitor welcome system-2.JPG

Hardware Component


Deepcam face capture camera

• Ethernet cable

• HDMI cable

• Monitor with HDMI interface

• Mouse

Visitor welcome system-3.PNG

How to use Visitor Welcome System

Set up

1. Connect the 3288 box/board to a router by ethernet cable.

2. Connect the 3288 box/board to a monitor which has HDMI interface by HDMI cable.

3. Power on the 3288 box/board

4. Connect the deepcam capture camera to the same LAN by enthernet cable and power on.

Visitor welcome system-4.JPG

Note: Maker sure the camera and 3288 board are in the same network


Deepcam capture camera settings

1. Enter the IP address of the deepcam capture camera into IE to login

Visitor welcome system-5.PNG

2. FTP settings

Visitor welcome system-6.PNG

You can get the ip address of 3288 box/board form the android settings like shown below

Visitor welcome system-7.PNG

3. Capture settings

Visitor welcome system-8.PNG


1. Run welcome system as shown below

Visitor welcome system-9.PNG

2. Software settings

Move the mouse to the top left corner then you can the settings like the following image

Visitor welcome system-10.PNG

2.1 face management

Visitor welcome system-11.PNG

We have 2 way to enroll face, take picture and bulk enroll

2.1.1 Take picture enroll

If you want to use this way to enroll, you need to connect a USB camera to 3288 box/board.

Click Camera icon to take picture

Visitor welcome system-12.PNG

Visitor welcome system-13.PNG

Visitor welcome system-14.PNG

After you save the face the face enrolls successfully.

2.1.2 Bulk enroll

Click bulk enroll, you can choose the faces which you want to enroll. Put the face images in one folder and choose the folder, then click ok to enroll

Note: the name of the image is the registration name

Visitor welcome system-15.PNG

After finished is shown as below:

Visitor welcome system-16.PNG

When you finished the face enroll, go back to the home page of the app.

If the registered person goes through the deepcam capture camera, the app will be shown as below:

Visitor welcome system-17.JPG

2.2 Visitor records

Click visitor records you can see the records as below:

Visitor welcome system-18.PNG

2.3 threshold

Click current threshold to set compare threshold

Visitor welcome system-19.PNG

2.4 debug model

If debug model off, only shows the registered person.

If debug model on, shows registered person and strangers.


Download Visitor Welcome System APK