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  • Standard Certification:FCC/CE
  • Wireless Standard:802.11 b/g/n
  • Frequency Range:2.412GHz-2.484GHz
  • Transmitting Power:
    • 802.11b: +20dBm(Max.)
    • 802.11g: +18dBm(Max.)
    • 802.11n: +15dBm(Max.)
  • Receiving Sensitivity:
    • 802.11b: -89dBm
    • 802.11g: -81dBm
    • 802.11n: -71dBm
  • Antenna Options:
    • External:I-PEX Connector
    • Internal:Trace Antenna
  • Working Voltage:5.0V (+/-5%)
  • Working Current:170mA~300mA
  • Working Temperature:-25℃ - 85℃
  • Storage Temperature:-40℃ - 135℃
  • Overall Size:33×48×3mm 28-pin SMT
  • Wireless Network Type:AP Client Mode
  • Security Mechanism:WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/WAPI
  • Encryption Type:WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/AES
  • User Configured:Web Server
  • User Upgraded: Web Server
  • Audio Protocol:
    • AirPlay
    • DLNA


Cuhead pro dimension.jpg

Pin Definition

Cuhead pro pin.jpg

Item Description Net Name Type Explaination
6,7 GND GND Power Ground
15,16 5VD 5VD Power +5V@ 350mA
1 SPI Interface Data SPI_MISO I/O SPI interface,use for SD card
2 SPI Interface Data SPI_MOSI I/O
3 SPI Interface Clock SPI_CLK I/O
17 SPI Interface Chip Select SPI_CS1 I/O
4 Module Starting Status Indication nReady O,IPU Module output "0" after starting, otherwise output "1"
5 Module Reset nRST I,IPU Low level reset, reset time > 300ms
8 UART Data Receive UART_RXD I,IPD UART interface
9 UART Data Transmit UART_TXD O,IPD
10 Restore Factory Settings nReload I,IPU Input low level“0”more than 5s then pull up,module will restore to factory settings and restart
11 Output 1.8V 1V8_Output O 1.8V@300mA,for ethernet power supplying
12 Audio Output Right OUT_R A Audio output interface,connect sound box
13 AGND AGND Power
14 Audio Output Left OUT_L A
18 Reserved Reserved I/O, IPD Reserved pin,keep suspend
19 General Programmable IO GPIO_19 I/O, IPD
20 General Programmable IO GPIO_20 I/O, IPD
21 Reserved Reserved I/O, IPD Reserved pin,keep suspend
22 Reserved Reserved I/O, IPD Reserved pin,keep suspend
23 Ethernet Transmit+ PHY_TX+ O 1.8V level interface

( module supply external 1.8V reference voltage, Pin 11)

24 Ethernet Transmit- PHY_TX- O
25 Ethernet Receive- PHY_RX- I
26 Ethernet Receive+ PHY_RX+ I
27 USB Input- USB- I USB interface, connect U disk
28 USB Input+ USB+ I